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To be innovative, progressive, persistent and passionate.

My vision as a Head Chef is to be innovative, progressive, persistent and passionate.

Having worked in the Catering Industry for over 20 years, I have developed excellent skills and am proud to say that I am known for my high standards and expertise. I believe that not only is it my duty to maintain the highest level of professionalism, but also to keep in tune and up to date with ever-changing food trends. Most importantly, I believe my passion and love for the food I am creating shines through and makes for a memorable and wonderful eating experience for my clients.

I also believe in the importance of sharing my culinary knowledge and skills and to that degree have trained and worked with a number of apprentices- all of whom have gone on to do well in the Food Industry.

I have had some fantastic experiences and opportunities to not only showcase my talents as a Chef locally, but I have also had the honour of representing British Indian/Bangladeshi cuisine internationally. In 2012 I represented the British Asian Food Industry at a global food event. This event, ‘Taste of Britain Curry Festival’ was held in the Hotel Hindustan International in the Maharashtrian city of Pune India. The event was designed to promote and showcase our excellent British curry styles and brand globally and was a great success. Another important highlight of my professional career was in 2014. I had the opportunity to prepare and cook my award-winning Chicken Tikka Masala for many VIP’s of Slovenia. At that same event in Hotel Park in Ljubljana, Slovenia, I was honoured to be included in the top four ‘super curry chefs’ of the United Kingdom

Kaysar Ahmed

Founder & Head Chef

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